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Wednesday, 29 June 2011 04:12

2011 season ... halftime report ... and common sense on the boston's craigslist

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after a slow start the season is going ... the super tight competition (listed under alternatives) is fun (more free time to write stuff which noone would read)


what did we learn this year ... competition is good ... deals must go on ... and that a couple of guys can have a good impact on the boston craigslist delivery side of the story ... (the whole thing reminds me of the beginning of the '90's - when a bus trip to NY was $80-$90, long before the Fung Wahbus came along and took down the prices to $15) now i feel like we were the Fung Wah of boston's CL


over the last few years we did have an impact to the prices, and it was a good impact. all has chnaged (we have at least 1 competitor matching our $29 curbside to curbside rate), the CL has chnaged (the CL does not seem to filter content as aggressively as it used to, perhaps an early indiaction of a possible decline in relevancy), the web has changed (who knows what's up with the search engines). for a while, the boston craigslist killer was making it impossible to get any traction on the search engine positioning ... luckily, that dark & herrific boston chapter is in the history books, and one good site (not this) could get some results after carefully following all the steps in the big books.


we're working on making our message / ad more clear ... it seems that it still confuses readers into thinking that a 100 mile run would be still $29. did not intend for that to happen, do not know how it happens.


it still very puzzling to me how reasonable, smart people get what they want in 2 short e-mails / text messages (yes, that happens regularly and it is quite amazing), and sometimes, other people just do not get it ... very interesting how this works ... need to read more on the subject.


ultimately, the simple point is this: a deal gets done when both sides agree on the terms, and the expectations of both sides are concrete (that is why the booking module does not allow for payments; if it did that would mean that an offer is accepted) and a deal has to make financial sense for us ... the rest is up to you - the well informed consumer. we sometimes have given quotes that are too high, or too low ... it happens ... we are humans ... all jobs are different, and we try to stay competitive with what we see as the best terms out there...


the bottom line is this - we get it done right, for what we believe is a very reasonable $. do your own homework and checking ... it is possible that one would not nee 2 guys for some light stuff .... or not need a quality shipper for something that is very cheap or free / in those cases we will recommend guys with pick-up trucks - generally 1 guy with a pickup truck will get the job done 20-30% cheaper.


finally got this out of the way ... great day everybody!




i have to do a few lines on the costs involved ... and on communication ... but that is for another day.

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