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Swing sets - the best of the CL's hidden jems:)

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Swing sets - the best hidden free deal on the CL (not only in Boston)


Generally, with some luck and patience one could find those in the free section (widen your search). Most swingsets are either disposed of due to houses changing hands (sold), or children outgrowing those in a couple of years.

Models will vary: towers split vertically or horisontally; roof comes off. our truck box is exactly 15.5 ft long x 6.5 ft tall x 7.1 wide

There are models which do not split (we figured that out the hard way on the weekend of May 21-22-nd, shown on the pic above). Then further disassembly will be required.

Most sets would allow for 120 ponds of weight; thus a good test would be an adult trying all out. If the structure holds well then it is good to go.

The roof ususally is the weakest point; be prepared to do some repair work (tape up the tarp, or replace a few shingles). Some of the foundation panels might also need replacement (the moisture gets those to fall appart) (think home depot / lowes)

Power tools are an absolute must, extra washers and bolts wouldn't hurt. The assembly is easier compared to putting together an ikea wardrobe (the only way all fits toghether is the right way)

Prices for moving one would be in the $80-$120 range (help with dissassembly / assembly will run you extra)

Still, getting something nice for the kids: priceless

Keep in mind that some sand / mulch would be needed at the new assembly spot. sitting on just grass makes the structure unstable.


Dissassembly after a rainy day is not easy (did that last year and it takes twice as long) Finally, do not try to fit all in a pick up truck - it won't.

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