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Watch out for "crazy" people on the CL list!

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Recently we had an interesting experience I'd like to share: the CL buyer had a fully paid purchase of a deresser in Framingham, and had scheduled a delivery time. Having both the buyer and the seller at address 1 for us was the best case scenario. All on time, till the buyer said "Can you guys wait outside c'ause we have a situation here..." turns out that the seller would not open the door, initially was in communication with the buyer but later completely went into hiding. We left the buyer calling 911, and waisted easy a couple of hours...Don't know the end of the story...


The unusual thing about the story: the dresser wasn't even that expensive. Of course, everyone knows that there are scams out there on the CL: but till now I thought those were all in the "computers" & "cell phones" sections...WOW, the economy must be really tough for people trying to mess with buyers with cheap pieces of furniture..


Word of advise: do not fully pay for something to picked up later. And always watch out for "crazy people"!

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