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The is now online. We look forward to winning your business.


And at the same time, as one of our recent customers said, inside delivery is "not a rocket science".


Basics on the side, there are quite a few multi-level marketing alternatives.


The low cost segment, crowded with multiple competitors can not support a niche dominated by customized services and unique job requirements. The $$$ are just not there.


Sales people and multi-forms on sites mostly do not work, as the client specific requirements are somewhat lost alsong the line to the ultimate guys completing the project.





Tuesday, 12 August 2008 10:00

Welcome to!

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We put this site together to provide you with more information about our team, concept & service. 
Yes, we could throw thousands of pages here, and the kitchen sink to top it off, but this is not what we're all about.
Direct link between buyers and sellers, honest upfront pricing, and even an option to name your own price is what we're hoping to get to.

---------------- is not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by or Craigslist Inc of San Fransisco, CA.


Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54

We are the good guys

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Our team has worked together to take the concept to new heights in its relatively short life. We have a group of some wonderfully talented people taking the most exciting CL delivery projects daily.




Saturday, 21 August 2010 00:18

Watch out for "crazy" people on the CL list!

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Recently we had an interesting experience I'd like to share: the CL buyer had a fully paid purchase of a deresser in Framingham, and had scheduled a delivery time. Having both the buyer and the seller at address 1 for us was the best case scenario. All on time, till the buyer said "Can you guys wait outside c'ause we have a situation here..." turns out that the seller would not open the door, initially was in communication with the buyer but later completely went into hiding. We left the buyer calling 911, and waisted easy a couple of hours...Don't know the end of the story...


The unusual thing about the story: the dresser wasn't even that expensive. Of course, everyone knows that there are scams out there on the CL: but till now I thought those were all in the "computers" & "cell phones" sections...WOW, the economy must be really tough for people trying to mess with buyers with cheap pieces of furniture..


Word of advise: do not fully pay for something to picked up later. And always watch out for "crazy people"!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010 08:23


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YES, FINALLY 2 WEEKS VACATION! Huge thank you to all of our regular customers, and looking forward to seeing you again!




This was interesting, but not practical on a daily basis.

Thursday, 26 May 2011 04:03

Swing sets - the best of the CL's hidden jems:)

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Swing sets - the best hidden free deal on the CL (not only in Boston)


Generally, with some luck and patience one could find those in the free section (widen your search). Most swingsets are either disposed of due to houses changing hands (sold), or children outgrowing those in a couple of years.

Models will vary: towers split vertically or horisontally; roof comes off. our truck box is exactly 15.5 ft long x 6.5 ft tall x 7.1 wide

There are models which do not split (we figured that out the hard way on the weekend of May 21-22-nd, shown on the pic above). Then further disassembly will be required.

Most sets would allow for 120 ponds of weight; thus a good test would be an adult trying all out. If the structure holds well then it is good to go.

The roof ususally is the weakest point; be prepared to do some repair work (tape up the tarp, or replace a few shingles). Some of the foundation panels might also need replacement (the moisture gets those to fall appart) (think home depot / lowes)

Power tools are an absolute must, extra washers and bolts wouldn't hurt. The assembly is easier compared to putting together an ikea wardrobe (the only way all fits toghether is the right way)

Prices for moving one would be in the $80-$120 range (help with dissassembly / assembly will run you extra)

Still, getting something nice for the kids: priceless

Keep in mind that some sand / mulch would be needed at the new assembly spot. sitting on just grass makes the structure unstable.


Dissassembly after a rainy day is not easy (did that last year and it takes twice as long) Finally, do not try to fit all in a pick up truck - it won't.

Note that the change is big, and perhaps would dissapoint a few of our regular customres.


Hopefully a good helper would come along and the old business model will get implemented back, but for now - this is it.


The good news is that the average inside job is coming down; the bad news is that it will get done with your/your seller's help.



Sunday, 18 July 2010 00:46

Service Stops for Sunday, July 18

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Testing a craigslist delivery service confirmation (to eliminate the need for call back confirms)


Shrewsbury, MA

Wayland, MA

Hudson, MA

Marlborough, MA

--- noon

Norwell, Ma

Roslindale, Ma

Friday, 23 July 2010 03:00

Scheduled Stops for Saturday, July, 24

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Melrose, MA

Newtonville, MA



South Hamilton ma

Bedford, MA




stand-by: Holliston, MA to Georgetown, Ma (other west - north stops wanted!)



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